The Largest Range in the World

The CTR series represents the latest developments in Band Mill design with special emphasis on greater accuracy and longer service life, with minimum spent costs.

The heavy duty machines are designed in an original modular manner that allows for easy replacement, or setting of all the main components and their individual parts. This significantly lowers the maintenance costs from the long term standpoint of machine use and also shortens the servicing and breakdown times in production.

Each machine is based upon the strong robust moving sections that have superior engineered designs. All our machines, even when working at the stated maximum diameters of round wood and considering the often very demanding operating conditions are well proven and built to last The cut length is practically unlimited, with all types, dependant only upon the number of installed extending sections.

Travel sections are fitted with massive, height adjustable timber bearing areas and adjustable tilting angles. Along the travel sections, the saw bow - bridge moves on accurate steel guides. The bridge movement is obtained using a chain and sprocket, driven by a powerful electric motor with a heavy duty gearbox with continuous speed regulation using a frequency inverter. Very simple and quick to operate from the ergonomically located central control panel with feed rate indicated on the digital display.

The saw bow is mounted on this bridge and the upwards and downwards movement is via adjustable hard-chrome columns of the corresponding diameter according to the chosen model, that ensure absolute accuracy of saw band bow movement and with regular maintenance practically unlimited service life. Vertical bow movement is ensured by a two-way synchronised chain and sprocket driven by an electric motor via a gearbox. The movement controlled from the central panel has 2 speeds - rapid travel and slow travel for accurate positioning. This system can be complemented with the optional electronic measuring System that automatically goes to the entered position.

The saw blade is driven by a large electric motor (a KOHLER petrol engine on the CTR 710 GX). The drive shaft wheel bearings form a separate easily maintained assembly and are adjustable into all directions for ease of tracking.

On the left side, there is the tensioning system. The body of the tension system moves in a massive cast iron V guide with an adjustable wear strip, which allows for the precise adjustment especially during long-term use of the machine.

Both bandwheels are made of quality grey cast iron with accurate balancing to reduce vibrations. They have a machined slot, in which a replaceable flat rubber belt is fixed removing the metal to metal contact between bandwheel and the saw blade, also leading to a reduction in noise and vibration.

During the cut, the saw blade is guided using hardened and ground guide rollers. Even this system is fully adjustable in all directions and guarantees accurate positioning of the blade in relation to the cut.

The end positions of the bridge and the bow are guarded against impact by limit switches, with larger machines fitted with automatic deceleration.

For all these machines, there is a wide variety of accessories that facilitate and accelerate machine operation and increase its productivity. Our modular system allows for additional installation of some of the needed accessories at any time, because each basic version of the machine contains all clamping points including holes and threads.

Our machines are proven in the most extreme conditions conceivable and work reliably in up to minus 40 degree frost in Siberia (the Arktic design) or, on the contrary, in high temperatures and humidity of jungles in Asia, Africa or South America, and they are also the most frequently sold brand in many countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

We hope that you will soon join our long list of satisfied partners.